Synchopated Centralities, Caraca, Venezuela, 1st Place

Team: Kira Appelhans, Scott Bishop, Claire Fellman, Ilse Frank, Kate John-Alder

This first place entry for itnermational design competition to design a new plaza for Caracas is located at the geographic center of Caracas. The Plaza Zona Rental is bordered by a channelized river and an eight-lane highway across which sit the Central University of Caracas and city botanic garden. To the north is a second park and the cities cultural district. Tapping into surrounding conditions, the plaza unites these dis-separate areas into a cohesive center of commerce and community. A bridge directs flows of people to and from the university and those emerging from the subway system while program and intimate spaces encourage pedestrians to pause and linger. Water runnels, gathering rain water from building rooftops help draw attention to the natural processes occurring in the Guarie River channelized below.

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