Campa de los Ingleses, Bilbao, Spain

Balmori Assocaites, Team: Diana Balmori, Kira Appelhans, Ilse Frank, Mark Thomann, Marta Rabazo

The last piece of land to be developed in the Abandoibarra Master plan for a decommissioned port in the center of Bilbao, the Campa de los Ingleses is situated on the hillside to the west of the Guggenheim. The park flows west from the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum towards the Deusto Bridge and Nervion River. The challenging topography of the site inspires and organizes the landscape into an array of park spaces, planting and program. The park's defining lines create a series of undulating paths and curving terraces that mediate a 10m elevation difference across the park. These topographic waves gracefully integrate the Mazarredo promenade, Deusto Bridge, and the Plaza Euskadi with surrounding buildings and most importantly the Nervion River. In the exploration of the interface between the urban landscape, architecture and public space, the Campa weaves these disparate pieces into a seamless urban experience. Lines of colorful trees wind through the site, collecting in the plazas to provide pockets of shade and color. Construction is scheduled to be complete Spring 2011.
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