American Revolution Center, Lower Providence, PA

Balmori Associates, Team: Diana Balmori, Kira Appelhans, Julia Doran, Mark Thomann

At the American Revolution center the site, including buildings, was treated as one integrated, self-sustaining system in which the landscape provides a rich experience for visitors while treading lightly on the land. Located 15 miles west of Philadelphia near Valley Forge, the 78 acre site for the American Revolution Center sits on a hillside sloping towards the Schuylkill River.
In the parking area, wide rain gardens detain stormwater runoff and provide a more park-like setting at the entrance to the site. Tree plantings in this area support bird migration and nesting patterns. Four planting bands sweep from the parking area to the museum illustrating the evolution of man's relationship with the landscape. Several bands extend onto the roof of the museum building which emerges from the existing hillside. An exploration of the interface of architecture and landscape, we utilized this insertion to explore the design in a broadened threshold. Due to land use disputes, this project has been relocated to Center City Philadelphia.
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