June Callwood Park Design Competition

Toronto, Canada

Located in a new residential development in west Toronto near Fort York and Coronation Park, June Callwood Park sits at the historic edge of Lake Ontario. At completion it will be nestled between new high-rise apartment and office buildings. This park embraces Toronto’s legacy of existing public spaces and roots itself in the pursuit of reuniting Fort York and Lake Ontario. A simple articulation of the Fort York – Lake Ontario axis, it creates intimate neighborhood pockets along a flowing pathway that opens up at either end. Sculptural forms are generated by visually extending the landscape from Fort York’s simple topography and shaped by sun and wind patterns in the park. While a sculptural topography forms the park’s interior, its edges are more urban in character with space for cafe seating and rubber surfaced play areas. Our design for the park employs a responsive ecological infrastructure. Landforms are graded to collect stormwater in underground cisterns; collected water will be used to irrigate the park. Native tree selection takes into consideration salt spray from the Gardner Expressway.

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