smartPARK, East Stroudsburg, PA

designed with Maura Rockcastle

Inhabited by the biking and skateboarding youth of East Stroudsburg, this former warehouse site is slated for demolition and replacement by a 60,000 square foot 'big-box' building with no tenant to and no intent for public use. The smartPARK strategy aims to seamlessly integrate building with the landscape by using the building’s steel skeleton as a base to insert both building modules and park space.

The design is organized to allow the economic and technological requirements of the KIZ initiative to be flexible and to grow over time. smartPARK recognizes the site's role as integral to the historic development of the Poconos region, and offers a proposal that both maintains its industrial past while simultaneously prompting new programs, technology, and public space to self-generate within the community of East Stroudsburg.

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