A few weeks ago I found out a class I’d proposed to teach at Parsons was full and going to run.  I’m extra excited about this class because it is going to allow me to pursue my interest in the intersection between printmaking and design.  This is also one of the wonderful things about Parsons- they love cross-disciplinary classes.

The class will focus on investigating the intersection of historic water ways and urban form.  We will use printmaking to explore processes related to water and then use what we’ve learned to develop projects that begin engage remnant waterway.  We’ll be taking trips to the New York Public Library’s amazing map room, walking around the city tracing old streams and then finally developing projects that use ecology and installations in public space to rethink the relationship between water and urban landscapes.

We’ll be keeping a blog so I’ll link to that once it’s set up.  For now here is a little movie I made to advertise the class to students.

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